Monday, 1 April 2013

Dear Mrs Coral,


Please forget that unpleasant lunch time today, I understand deeply how the college captain election is challenging and what you have done is being responsible for me; I know clearly who I am and what I am doing. However, the thing I would like to clarify is how this election is meaningful for both of our college and me.

·        To be honest, you are not the first person who questioned my aim of running for college captain, but did you consider that once you ask that question, you doubt if the dream of the founder of our college is still alive; whether the light of the motto of our college which is wisdom, respect and friendship is still bright; whether we are in Kardinia International College which is not just in name only, but also in reality. In this year, during this election, we need an answer.

·        Moreover, as you said “You will fail and you will be a loser.” I believe Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Sophia (a candidate who has no political alliance and stands for Austin Ward in the October 2012 City of Greater Geelong Council Election), they has been ready to fail since they made the decision of election. In this way nobody will be a loser, but everybody will be a winner. For me, election experience and skills will be spoils.  Failure is never a terrible thing, but the terrible thing is being afraid of failure and refusing to try.

·        With regard to your opinion that I cannot do it, you might have forgotten the conversation we did 5 weeks ago. You said seriously “People who say they cannot do are rubbish.” It’s an expression of cowardice to give it up without any trying.

I am grateful for you suggestions and warnings, but as I said, my true considerations and decisions will never be changed by external interference because success is always grasped by people who consider their own future. I hope you will finally understand my decision; I hope more efficacious communication will reduce our differences on this issue.

You are always one of my favourite teachers.

Have a nice weekend!




Android Zheng

A member of Senior School


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